Since the publication of one of the last posts on Instagram with the dates of this year’s DELE exams, I have received several comments from students and followers who want to take them.



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I ask all of them the same question. Have you done any level test to know if you are prepared to take the exam? As an examiner and preparer for the DELE exams, I have seen many frustrated students because they were not prepared for the DELE exam they were taking.

Something you should ask yourself before taking the exams is: am I really prepared?

The DELE exams are proficiency exams, this means that they will make you a series of tests to see if you really master the different skills to obtain the level at which you present yourself.

There are other exams, such as the SIELE, in which you take tests and according to their results they certify a level. The DELE are not like that, so I recommend that before launching yourself into the exam you ask yourself the question: am I really prepared?


How are the DELE exams:

In the DELE, you will have to pass several tests with different tasks and the different abilities or skills will be evaluated, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and interaction, and oral expression and interaction.

Many times we dominate some skills more than others and we think that for this reason we are already prepared to take the exam, but remember that in the DELE exam you must have developed all the skills since you must pass each one of them.

Tips to pass the DELE:

The best advice is to continue studying Spanish, when you want or are thinking about certifying your Spanish you can ask your teacher, he will tell you if you are really ready or not. You can also do some level test, there are many online if you are interested you can send me a message and I will send you the level test corresponding to the level you want to take.

In addition to continuing my education, can I do something else? Of course! Skills are developed by working a lot outside of class.

  • To improve reading comprehension I advise you to start reading reading books adapted to your level, there are many publishers that have these types of books, if you want to take a test I advise you to go to this page of the Cervantes Institute where you can find graded readings of all levels with their corresponding activities. You can also join my private Facebook group Here we speak Spanish!, where I am uploading units with readings from the Cervantes Institute.

Aquí hablamos español
Grupo Facebook
  • To improve listening comprehension, oral expression and pronunciation you can do many things, if you are in a Spanish-speaking country you can talk to native speakers, but thanks to technology you can also get in touch with someone who speaks Spanish through the platforms type Italki, Verbling… but you can also listen to music, watch TV series, movies, listen to podcasts… You can also sign up for group conversation groups, at carmEle Español Online there are group classes at different levels that can help you improve your communication skills or if you want to improve your pronunciation you can also follow the youtube account where there are videos dedicated to it.

Canal de pronunciación en Youtube
Canal de Youtube Pronunciación
Grupos de conversación de Carmele Español Online
Grupos de conversación
  • To improve written expression, this may be the most difficult or the one that gives us the most laziness, but keep in mind that it is also important to practice it. When you write you think, you structure your dialogue, you use more formal expressions that may not appear in colloquial speeches, I advise you to choose a topic and write about it, express your opinion, pros and cons, and at the end give some advice to solve it. Another exercise that can be done from beginner levels is to keep a small diary in Spanish, so you can practice the past tense and the most common vocabulary for you. You can also keep a diary where you only write in Spanish

As you can see you can do many things to improve your Spanish!

Do you want to know your level? Free level test

It is very easy you can send me an email with your address and indicating that you want to take the level test. I will send it to you so that you can find out about your level, and thus know if you are ready to take the DELE exam or if you need more time to prepare for the DELE exam.

The test consists of several questions and some sections where you will have to make a small written composition.

Once received I will send you the result with some comments on the written texts and mistakes made.


Prepare for the DELE exam

Even if you have the right level, it is convenient to prepare for the exam. This will give you greater security and you will learn strategies to make the most of your time.

If you want to prepare the DELE with me, I offer you different possibilities, individually or in groups with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4. In both modalities you can:

  • Prepare various exam templates
  • Corrections via email.
  • Videoconference classes for explanations and preparation of oral tests
  • Strengthening exercises, if needed

Enter the website for more information about the courses, prices and duration.


They passed the DELE exam!!

Testimonio Dele B2 Carmele Español Online
Testimonio DELE B1

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