Are you a Spanish student and want to improve your listening comprehension?

Do you want to know what is behind the influencers?

You will like this interview, today I interview Isabel Valdés, dedicated to Marketing for influencers and fashion blogger and personal shopper.

Entrevista a Isabel Valdés

What is the dynamics of listening comprehension? How listening skills work?

Before starting the exercise, I am going to give you some tips so that you can take good advantage of this opportunity to improve your listening comprehension.

These exercises are based on the idea that you meet people who are dedicated to different topics and in this case, develop their activity on social networks. If you are interested in the topic, you can follow it and practice listening comprehension, even learn vocabulary with an interesting topic for you. In this case, fashion and personal care.

Now I explain how you can work the interview.

This practice will consist of a video where I will interview a person and I will propose a series of questions that you will have to answer. I will also add some specific vocabulary exercises to help you better understand the conversation and expressions that appear in it.

I propose this way of working:

  • Check the vocabulary glossary
  • Read the questions carefully
  • First listening to the audio / video, the first listening can be to get a general idea of the topics we are going to discuss
  • Second listening to the audio / video, here you can try to answer the general questions I ask you. You can even try to answer the questions that ask for some details
  • If necessary you can do a third listening.

Don’t worry if you have trouble understanding everything, it is not necessary. Try to understand the main ideas and if you need more auditions to answer the questions do so without feeling guilty.

They are exercises to improve understanding, you will achieve it consistently.

Practice Spanish with topics that interest you

Who is Isabel Valdés from Inspiredbymyself?

Isabel is an all-terrain woman, full of energy and enthusiasm. She is into fashion, has a fashion blog, on Inspiredbymyself, and is a marketing consultant for influencers. With her we will talk about fashion, brands and other things that Isabel reveals to us.

Here are her main social networks:

Inspiredbymyself (Instagram)

Isabel Valdés. Agencia de Marketing (web/blog)

Viernes de moda (podcast)

After this short introduction we are going to start with the vocabulary exercises and the self-comprehension exercises.

Interactive listening skills exercises in Spanish

1. Practice the vocabulary that appears in the interview


2. Listen carefully to the interview and answer the questions

What does Isabel do?

What is she doing in her new project?

What services does she offer influencers?

What brands does she work with?

What is Isabel doing on the radio?

4. Answer true or false to these statements

5. Choose the correct options

6. Answer the questions


Did you like the interview? You can leave me your comment and even indicate a topic that interests you for a future interview.

If you want to continue learning Spanish and also learn more about this topic, I recommend that you follow Isabel on her social media:

Inspiredbymyself (Instagram)

Isabel Valdés. Agencia de Marketing (web/blog)

Viernes de moda (podcast)


Also if you are interested you can also follow me on my channel youtube, where you will find videos about the DELE and Siele exams, pronunciation and other topics related to Spanish.

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