In this new post we are going to talk about the connectors of the speech and transitions in Spanish. In a language we link our sentences through connectors, with them we qualify our words and give a diversity of meanings to our speeches.

In this article you will learn what a  connector and transitions  are, why are them important, and you will have an infography  of Spanish connectors list by levels that will help you to improve your written and oral expressions.

What are connectors?

Connectors are words or set of words that help us to put ideas together in our speech, whether it is spoken or written.

Why are there important?

They are important because when we use them, we help our interlocutor to understand our message. Through them, nuances in our dialogue and  intentions are expressed.

In addition,  in oficial exams such as DELE or SIELE convectors are greatly valued in written or oral expression.

My students know that I am to be quite insistent with this topic.  As a DELE examiner, I know what  points  is really valued in the exam, so that is why I encourage them to use connectors in their compositions since the very   beginning, even  if they are A1 Level.

Spanish connectors and DELE

In order  to check what are you expected to used as a Spanish student, I will show you what Instituto Cervantes values in your speeches and compositions depending of the level.

A1 Level 

To link groups of words with basic or simple connectors

A2 level

To use more frequent connectors to link simple sentences, while telling stories or describing, using a simple list of items.

B1 Level

To link together a series of short, specific, and simple elements to create a connected, linear sequence.

B2 Level

To use a limited number of connection and transition mechanisms to link sentences together and create a clear and coherent speech.

C1 Level

To produce a clear, fluent and well structured speech

C2 level

To create a coherent and connected context by making full and appropriate use of a variety of organizational criterions.

What spanish connectors are most common?

This is a good question, if you google “Spanish Connectors” you will see the infinity of them. You don’t need to learn all of them. You can start incorporating them little by little in your compositions and speeches.

My advise:

  • Use the connectors related to your level
  • Train only one connector per week
  • Employ them in your written and oral jobs
  • Do exercises to review lower level connectors

With these four small steps you will incorporate them gradually.

You will be and expert communicator soon!

To help you, I have made an infography of Spanish Connectors list by levels, where you can find recommended  connectors depending on your level. Remember there are many, but you can start with these.



conectores discurso
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You can listen the article or download the audio from here (in Spanish)

Spanish connectors list

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