Have you recently taken the DELE exam and it was NO APTO?

Do you know that you can review the note?

Regardless of the level at which you take the exam, you have a deadline to review your DELE exam grade.

In this article I tell you how you can do it.

How is the DELE exam scored?

First, I want to tell you how the DELE exams are evaluated. As I have told you in previous articles, there are self-assessment tests and others that are carried out by people who are prepared for it and follow unified criteria for all, raters and examiners.

If you want to know more about this topic click here

Now we do talk about how the exam is scored, this mathematical formula will be followed:

Cómo se puntúa un examen DELE
Cómo se puntúa un examen DELE. Imagen de Deleando por el Mundo

La puntuación directa is the number of correct questions you have in each test

La puntuación directa máxima posible is the number of questions in total

It is multiplied by 25 because each test is 25% of the final grade

However, the skills are scored jointly in two groups, on the one hand the reading comprehension and written expression and interaction tests and on the other hand the listening comprehension and oral expression and interaction tests.

Ejemplo de puntuación examen DELE
Ejemplo de puntuación examen DELE. Imagen de Deleando por el Mundo

The maximum score that you can have in each of the tests, that is, if you did not have any incorrect questions, would be 25 points and the minimum score per group in each group that you must have to pass the exam is 30 points.

It is not necessary to have all the tests with the maximum score, since the mark of a skill can be compensated with the mark of another test, but it is essential that you have a minimum score of 30 to have a APTO  in the DELE exam.

Here are some examples of pass and fail scores.

Ejemplo de examen NO APTO de DELE
Ejemplo de examen NO APTO de DELE
Ejemplo de examen APTO de DELE
Ejemplo de examen APTO de DELE

When do you review your DELE exam grade?

Now that you know how the DELE exams are scored, we can consider when we can claim our note.

Do you remember that there are automatic evaluation parts? This means that it is a bit difficult for the grade to be wrong, since the machine detects your answer. Another thing is that you have not correctly marked your answers on the sheet. It is very important that you check the boxes correctly so that the machine can correctly mark your exam.

The oral tests are not recorded, the evaluation is carried out immediately after you have left the room. The two teachers in the room will make your evaluation in such a way that objectivity is guaranteed.

You can find out how it is evaluated here

So the oral evidence is difficult to claim, since there is no testimony of your intervention.

So what is the easiest to claim? The written test, this test has been corrected by people and the Instituto Cervantes has the test on paper, so it is easier to review.

Is it worth claiming?

It is really worth it if you have very few points left to pass the DELE, you have passed the automatic and oral tests and you think you can get those points in the written test. If you need to pass several tests in the review it is quite difficult to get the points.

In addition, when reviewing your exam, the Instituto Cervantes reviews the entire exam process, it not only reviews your entire exam, including the automatic tests, but also any incident that may have occurred during the exam. In other words, if for some reason you have not been able to finish your exam or there has been an incident that has harmed you, you can claim, but be careful! It must be listed in the incident report of the center where you are examined, if it is not listed they will not review anything. It is not normal to get a higher score through an issue review.

What is also important to know is that the review can be done downwards, that is, if during the review of your exam they consider that your grade is lower, you can obtain a lower score. But this is not really important since the DELE exam score is not saved in whole or in part for other calls.

Claim period for the DELE exam

If you are determined to claim your grade, you should know that you have one month to request a review of the exam, from the time you received the grade and certification from the Instituto Cervantes. The request is made through a form on the page of the Instituto Cervantes. The entity has three months to review and notify you of the result of the DELE exam review.

How to claim your DELE exam grade

You have several options. The most comfortable is the request to claim the DELE exam online from your profile on the Instituto Cervantes website. To do it follow these steps:

  • You must enter your profile and look for your certifications.
  • Enter the certification you want to review and there you will find the link to pitch
  • Make your claim request online.
  • This access appears two days after receiving the notes in your email.

By clicking on the review option you must fill out your application request, it is not necessary to explain much but if you want you can present your request in more detail. (Example for A2)


A través de este formulario quiero realizar mi petición de revisión del examen XX. Tengo aprobado el segundo grupo de pruebas pero un no apto en el primero. La prueba escrita me salió bastante bien y me gustaría que la revisaran ya que me faltan muy pocos puntos para alcanzar el apto.

Un saludo


Once you hit send, you’ll see a code and a date sent along with a text that says pending review.

As I mentioned in the previous section, they have three months to review the exam.

You can also make a claim from the claims area of the Instituto Cervantes page, here is the link.


As you do from your profile on the Instituto Cervantes website, you can enter your data and explain what you want. Include the registration code you have from your exam to make it easier for you to identify it.

Finally, you can send a physical letter to this mailing address:

Departamento de Certificación y Acreditación.

Dirección Académica Instituto Cervantes

Calle Alcalá, 49 E-28014 Madrid

In the review requests you must include the following information:

  • Candidate Registration Code
  • Name and surname
  • Form and place of notification of resolution
  • Explain the facts and request that is made
  • Place and date
  • Signature of the applicant.

Remember that in the review they can also lower your grade, so DO NOT IN ANY CASE request a review of a APTO exam because you think you have a better grade. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT IN THE REVIEW.

And here is today’s article. I hope you don’t have to get to this point, but if you have passed group 2 and need a few more points to pass, you can try a second review of your DELE exam.

Have you had to revise your exam? How did it go? Leave me your comment and I’ll answer you.

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