It’s finally summer! And very soon we will be enjoying the well-deserved vacations.

It is a time that many of us spend doing those things cannot be done in winter because the lack of time: read that book on the bedside table, start exercising, eat healthier, go on excursions, visit new places, or just rest.

But have you thought about continuing to learn Spanish during this vacation? Do you know what you can do to continue your learning?

In this article I give you some alternatives that can help you to learn Spanish in summer

4  Simple Ways to Practice Spanish on Your holidays 

During the holidays we usually break with our routine, and many also take a break from classes. It’s normal, we all need to regain strength, even the teachers!

But…, we must not leave behind everything we have learned this winter. We can still do many things to continue practicing Spanish in a fun and, almost, effortless way. Here you can find four ways to keep on with your learning:

aprender español en verano
Sigue aprendiendo español en verano con un buen libro

Practice Spanish by reading a good book

I have already told you about this issue in other posts, on Facebook, Instagram and on the blog as well, perhaps it is a bit heavy …

But I really believe while reading we learn vocabulary and expressions, we review grammar and if you choose an audiobook, also listening comprehension and pronunciation is improved.

What else!

Which book should I choose?

I usually advise to choose a not very long book. One that you can finish it during the time you are on vacation.

Choose a topic that you like a lot or  you would like to learn more. You can choose novels, biographies of inspiring characters, a book about that magical place that you would like to know …

The most important thing for me is that the level of the book is according your Spanish level.

Any publisher specialized in Spanish has a wide offer. You can find them in your library, in the language section or, you can borrow them from a friend who is also studying Spanish.

Here are some links from publishers:




All these publishers offer different types of books adapted to different levels. You can find them both in digital format, if you prefer an ebook, and on paper.

If you are one of those who prefer a magazine, I recommend you:

Punto y coma  is more like a weekly magazine, where you will find monographs and very interesting topics.

Habla magazine is made by teachers and students where you can find short articles, adapted to your level with exercises. Some of them are written by students.

Maybe you will be the next writer in the magazine!

Practica español cantando
Aprende español cantando las canciones de tus cantantes favoritos

Learning Spanish with songs

Another very fun way to continue practicing your Spanish is through music.

If you are one of those who prefer to listen to music, you have two great apps to practice and take them wherever you want: Lyricstraining and Spotify. You know the last one for sure, it is undoubtedly the most popular.

On Spotify you can listen to any music style you like, or just find out new music from all over the world. Maybe it is time to try new rhythms!

In my Spotify channel you can find different playlists, enter and choose from a wide variety of styles.


Lyricstraining is less known, I use it a lot to practice languages. The best thing about this application is that you can read the lyrics and you have the possibility of practicing it by filling the gaps, choosing the difficulty, from beginner to expert level.

Give it a try! You will love it.

Learning Spanish with songs will improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary, you will differentiate other Spanish accents and you will expand your cultural knowledge about Spanish-speaking countries.

A good exercise to practice Spanish in summer!

Learning Spanish with Series

This is by far the most popular way nowadays. Almost all my students follow or have followed some Spanish-speaking series. Platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime have made it much more easier to access this type of content.

Surely you know series like La casa de papel, Las chicas del cable, La casa de las flores

If you are not registered on these platforms, you can also access quality series, films and shows. In Spain for example, public television has an on-demand option where you can watch several content. Private televisions also offer content on demand, including live programs with different themes. I recommend you visit them.

RTVE (Televisión pública española)

Antena 3

La sexta



By watching series, programs or movies you can improve your listening comprehension, vocabulary and expressions and also know customs of different countries and way of life.

Practica tu español con intercambios de idiomas
Realiza intercambios de idiomas en verano

Practice Spanish speaking with natives

Without a doubt, this is the best way to practice Spanish and the most fun!

After studying for months or years, there is nothing more stimulating than going to a Spanish-speaking country and being able to communicate with the natives. Many of my students choose this option and I love it when they tell me about their experiences!

If you can’t travel or meet Spanish-speaking people, you can always do language exchanges with native speakers. Surely, very close to where you live there is someone from Spain or Latin America who is eager to learn your language.

Being in direct contact with the Hispanic culture will help you better understand our differences and enjoy your learning much more.

You can also take the opportunity to do intensive Spanish courses. There are many academies that offer this service. Search what suits better your tastes and needs and contact them.

As you can see, it is easy to continue practicing Spanish, so don’t leave it totally aside during the summer.

Keep practicing Spanish and enjoy the summer!

What do you think of these ideas?

Are you going to put any into practice?

What are you going to do to continue learning Spanish in the summer?

Leave your comment and I will answer you; )

Practice Spanish in the summer

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