Do you not know how to obtain Spanish nationality?

Today we are going to talk about this. For a few months there have been many students  ask me about the Nationality exams. Many people think there is a single exam,  it is not.

If you are thinking of obtaining Spanish nationality, read the article because it interests you.

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What is Nationality?

Nationality is a legal bond that links a natural person with a government, in our case Spanish nationality links a citizen with the Spanish State. Thanks to this relationship, the citizen has a series of rights and also a series of obligations and duties.

How to obtain Spanish Nationality?

According to Spanish law there are several ways to obtain Spanish nationality:

  • By origin, when you are of Spanish descent
  • By residence, it is necessary to live in Spain between 1 to 10 years depending on the country of origin, if you are a refugee or descend from Spanish
  • By marriage, when you marry a Spanish citizen
  • By option, in the case of adoptions

In each case the legislation is complicated and has different requirements.

I advise, you should  go to a lawyer specialized in immigration to see what situation you are in and which of these options is the best for you.

Nationality by residence

We are going to talk about  this modality because it is the best known and most common of all.

Those people who live uninterruptedly for a sufficient time can obtain residency, the years varies depending on the country of origin. At the beginning of the paperwork, a process called Naturalization begins.

To prove that you have been living in Spain for those years,  you must do is renew the residence permit as many times as necessary. As you can see, you can only start the process  when you have your residence permit, if you  come to Spain without this permit this time you have lived in the country will not be taken into account.

Let’s see now the time you need in each case.

  • 10 years as a general rule
  • 5 years if you are a refugee. The refugee petition is a different procedure. There may be special situations where the time is shortened.
  • 2 years if you come from a Latin American country, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines or Portugal.
  • 1 year for people married to Spaniards, or with descendants of Spaniards.

Requirements to obtain Spanish Nationality

In addition  the requirements of the modality you choose to request your nationality, you will have to present these other documents:

  • Passport or NiE
  • Current residence permit
  • Criminal certificate, to show that you have no problems with the law.
  • Birth, marriage, or adoption certificate (in each case)
  • Census
  • The payment of the fee, about 100 euros.
  • Prove that you have sufficient financial means to live in Spain
  • DELE A2 AND CCSE Certificated 

The DELE A2 and CCSE certificates are what students call the nationality exams. We will talk about them below.

This page is about teaching Spanish, I am not a specialist in immigration legislation. Everything I tell you is indicative.

I recommend that you go to a lawyer and find out about your specific case.

Nationality exams: DELE A2 and CCSE

As you can see within the  documents that you need to obtain Spanish nationality is to have the DELE A2 AND CCSE certificate. And this is where we are going to talk in more detail.

What are the DELE A2 and CCSE certificates?

  • The DELE A2, is the Spanish exam of the Cervantes Institute, when you pass the DELE test they give you a certificate with which you can request nationality. This certificate shows that you have sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language to live and work in Spain. If you are from Latin America, you do not need to take this exam, since you are a native speaker of the Spanish language.
  • The CCSE is a test of culture. It is a 45-minute multiple choice exam. They will ask you basic questions about the Spanish government, art, television, the country’s culture and geography. The certificate shows that you have knowledge of Spanish culture. Be careful! If you have studied ESO or Baccalaureate in Spain, it is not necessary to take this exam.

These two exams are organized by the Instituto Cervantes.

You have different articles on the blog related to the DELE A2 exam and I will talk about the CCSE exam in the next article.

 I will tell you in advance that it is a test that usually scares people who want to obtain Spanish nationality a lot due to its extension and variety. of topics covered, but you don’t have to worry since the Cervantes Institute has published 300 questions to make it easier to pass this exam.

Again I remind you that I am a Spanish teacher, the information that I offer you is not as a specialist in the subject, so I advise you to always go to an expert lawyer in immigration so that he can advise you properly.

I can only help you with the DELE A2 exam and with the CCSE (VERY SOON)

Did you like the article? Do you want to obtain Spanish nationality?

If you need to prepare for some of the exams, book a trial class and we’ll talk.

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