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listening skills in Spanish

Ideas to improve your listening comprehension of Spanish

One of the aspects that many of my students want to improve is listening comprehension, and one of the questions they often ask me is this: Carmen, how can I improve my listening skills?

I always tell them to listen music, watch series or movies in Spanish, follow a podcast on one of the platforms such as Spotify, Google podcast, Ivoox … If you are a beginner I strongly advise you to look for material adapted for Spanish students, start with a podcast for beginners for example.

But if you have a medium-high level, you could look for a youtuber or podcast that talks about something that really interests you.

I recently advised a B2 level student who wanted to learn to sew to find a Spanish-speaking youtuber to learn, she loved the idea!

You can follow this idea, find  something you are interested in learning or you are already a fan of and look for information in your favorite social network, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube …

You will surely find many options to practice your listening comprehension in Spanish!

Following this same advice, I came up with a series of interviews with people with different professions that may interest you and give you ideas of where and how to continue learning about these topics, of course in Spanish!

What is the dynamics of listening comprehension? How listening skills works?

This practice consists of a video where I interview a person and I propose questions that you will have to answer. It will be also added some specific vocabulary exercises to help you better understand the conversation and expressions that appear in it.

The methodology proposed is the following:

  • Check the vocabulary glossary
  • Read the questions carefully
  • Preliminary listening to the audio / video. This first listening can give you a general idea of the topics that we are going to discuss
  • Second listening to the audio / video. Here you can try to answer the general questions I ask you. You can even try to answer the questions related to some details.
  • If necessary you can do a third listening.

Don’t worry if you have trouble understanding every single word, it is not necessary. Try to understand the main ideas and listen again as many times as necessary to answer the questions.

These exercises are meant to improve understanding, you will achieve it consistently.

Interactive listening skills exercises in Spanish

1. Practice the vocabulary of the interview

Review the meaning of the words that will appear in the video

Taking into account the words, what do you think the interview is about? What do you think Melania Mosteiro does?

2. Listen carefully to the video and answer the following questions:

  • What is meditation?
  • What are the benefits of meditating?
  • Can anyone meditate?
  • How can we get started?
  • What are the phases of meditation?


Now that you’ve seen the video, what does Melania Mosteiro do? Did you get it right?

3. Answer true / false to these statements

4. Choose the correct option:

Did you like the interview with Melania Mosteiro?

If you liked it and want to continue practicing your Spanish in addition to meditating, you can follow Melania on her social networks.

Blog de Melania Mosteiro- Sentir y Crecer

Podcast Sentir y Crecer

Canal de Youtube de Melania Mosteiro

If you want to get the audio about the 40 breaths you can do it from here:

Meditación guiada las 40 respiraciones

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Improve Spanish listening skills

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