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How to learn Spanish online with Carmele Spanish online?

Nowadays, due to the Covid19, many people have been forced to move from the face to face world to the online one in a matter of days.

Maybe you’re in this situation, but you still want to learn Spanish online.

Has your Spanish Academy been closed? Did you plan to study Spanish this upcoming course and prefer not not be in a face to face class? Do you need to prepare an exam and now you do not know how to do it?

Well, do not worry because learning Spanish online is not as complicated as you think.

With few resources you can study Spanish online. In this article you will see what software you need to learn Spanish and how I use them in my classes.

Software you need to learn Spanish

There is a wide variety of software and you really do not need many equipment to study Spanish virtually. Basically you will need a way to make video calls and somewhere to host your exercises and / or share them with your teacher. I would add some software or game that allows you review the vocabulary, verbal forms, expressions …

What is mandatory for me:

  • Video calls software:

    Even if you were not used to video calls, it is sure the confinement made you use them to communicate with your friends and family.

    You don’t really need any more. All these programs are quite similar in the basic functions, although some have extra functions and that makes the difference.

    In my classes I mainly use Zoom and Skype.

    Both are very similar. Some teachers would rather Zoom because a higher stability, but I need to say I haven’t had bad experiences with Skype.

    As I mentioned, they are very similar but let’s see what they differ:

Software para aprender español online

You can also see this tutorial where I explain where you can find the different screen sharing options, files …

  • Software to share class material:

Another classical issue studying Spanish online is how to get the lesson materials and how to share them. It is not a big deal, most of the teachers offer their own materials and within easy-to-use platforms that will simplify the process.

To share the material we use to learn Spanish, I use Google Drive. All you need is a Gmail account and I will send you a link where you can find all the material to learn Spanish we are working in class with.

Each student has its own folder, where you can find work units, grammar, readings, videos, songs … Everything adapted to your level and tastes! If you like series or videos we will work with that material or if you prefer to sing, we will sing together!

In the folders you can:

  • Create documents and write on them
  • Perform presentations
  • Share material to work with.

In this video to learn where and how you can do these things.

  • Games to learn Spanish


Games are not only for kids. We all love playing, no matter how old you are. 

Games are not only funny, they boost the learning experience. Among all of them I chose to play and practice Spanish with Quizlet.

It is an essential tool when working the vocabulary of the units and it is my  students favorites to review the verbal tenses.

It is very easy to use, you just need a link that I will send you and an internet browser. If you preffer, you can download the app on your tablet or on your mobile and play from there.

In each unit you will receive the link corresponding to the vocabulary and / or grammar that we are studying. And you will not have access only to the materials of Carmele Spanish online. Quizlet is a tool that many teachers use, so you can take an eye on the different games you can find in the app.

There are different types of games to learn Spanish:

  • The typical flash cards or card games
  • Listening Games-Write
  • Games Relate Concepts
  • Small quiz where you can test your knowledge.

In the following video tutorial you can see how to play these games and practice your Spanish

As you see, you do not need great knowledge of computer science to learn Spanish online. They are simple and free softwares.

To study Spanish online with me, you only need:

  • Good Internet connection
  • A computer or tablet
  • Willing to learn and have fun during the process.

Now you can book your test class.

  • We will check your Spanish level
  • We will establish your objectives
  • And we will know a little better.

You may also be interested to know the formative offer of Carmele Spanish online, click here to see the courses and prices.

Now tell me you, did you know these programs? Do you use them normally? Have you ever studied online? How was your experience?

How to study Spanish online

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