This September, a new project in which I have the pleasure of participating has seen the light of day, it is a podcast in Spanish for students who want to prepare an official DELE exam at the Instituto Cervantes.

If you are interested in this topic, I think you should pay attention to the publications and subscribe to one of the platforms where you can find us. I will put the links below. Because now I would like to introduce you to my colleagues.

Equipo Deleando por el Mundo
Equipo Deleando Patricia


Hello! I am Patricia, a Spanish teacher in China, and I love my job! I have also taught Spanish in Kenya, and during my time as a teacher I have taught children, adults, beginners, more advanced levels, face-to-face and, of course, online. And you Manuela?

Manuela Equipo Deleando


Hello! My name is Manuela, I am from a town in Valencia but I was born in Teruel. Now I live in southern Italy, right on the heel. Here I give private face-to-face classes and also at the university for Italian students, but I have students from various parts of the world thanks to the online classes. Let's go see Carmen!

Carmen Equipo Deleando


Hello, I am Carmen, if you are on the blog you already know me but I will give you a small presentation, I am from Cadiz in southern Spain and I live in Madrid. Currently I teach exclusively online to adults of different levels and I also teach Spanish for business in companies. Michel!

Michel Deleando


Hello, my name is Michel. I am from Madrid, but since I was little I have lived in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, although I have lived in China for eight years. I have lived in Changchun, in Beijing and now I live in Shanghai.

How did we become Spanish teachers?


I graduated as a kindergarten teacher in 2010 because I was always very interested in education. A year later, I took a CEFIRE course on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language that aroused my curiosity to teach my own language. But it wasn’t until I went to live abroad that my journey began …

I left Valencia in 2013, after 10 years living there, and in 2014 I moved to southern China. That was where I began to teach Spanish in person, online it had already started in 2013.

In 2017, I started working at the University of Salento and took the Cervantes Institute courses to certify myself as a DELE examiner for all levels


I studied Business Administration, when I finished my degree I did a postgraduate degree and there I realized that my true vocation was teaching. I was trained as a trainer for adults and I was working as an accountant and also gave training courses in the afternoon and evening to workers.

After several family changes, I did the master’s degree as a Spanish teacher and I fell in love with my profession. I started teaching at the Red Cross and teaching online until today.

Like Patri, I love my job!


At first he had studied translation and interpretation. Originally, it was going to be my profession; However, after finishing my studies, I realized that I really loved teaching, transmitting knowledge. Every time I spoke with my friends or my family, they perceived that I enjoyed every time I explained concepts to them, especially those related to languages. I thought that maybe my vocation would be to be a foreign language teacher, and after thinking about it, I studied a master’s degree and later a doctorate, both aimed at teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Throughout that time, I discovered that I enjoyed my profession, and little by little I became interested in everything that a language and its culture can offer.


Well, I became a teacher by chance. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher, but then I studied translation and while I was doing my degree I gave private classes, and I realized that I really liked it, it was not “child’s play”, so when I finished my degree I specialized in teaching ELE.

We are all official  instructors of Instituto Cervantes

Why have we made this podcast?

Patri :

With this podcast, I hope to do my bit for all those who want to take and pass this exam. We hope that this podcast will reach many people and that it will be very useful for those candidates who spend a lot of time driving or on the subway, for example, and need information and help about DELE and want to take advantage of those moments. I hope you are as excited as I am! A big kiss from China.


When I was asked to podcast, it seemed like a fresh and interesting idea, as it was a bit out of the ordinary in teaching. Also, knowing the contents of our programs, I was very happy to participate, since it is not something that is seen (or heard, in this case) every day. Doing new projects gives me satisfaction, because I love creating content. I always try to participate in both creative and innovative projects, and I consider this to be no less. I sincerely hope that more and more delegates join our network and enjoy our audios, while continuing to learn and improve their Spanish.


During these years, when I prepare students to pass the exam, I realize that they want to practice at all times to arrive well prepared for the test. I think our podcast is going to help you a lot because you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want; We are going to give you a lot of super useful information, interesting tips and much more.


I also believe that we bring different visions and experiences, this will undoubtedly enrich both us as professionals and everyone who hears us. We work in different countries and with candidates with different needs and difficulties, so the podcast can be a place to share all these experiences.

We are sure that you will like to be part of this project, for that you just have to follow us on social networks where, in addition to the podcast publications, we will publish tips and talk about interesting topics to prepare your DELE exam

You can follow us and listen to us on:


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If you want to ask something or propose a topic you can do it in comments or by writing an email to deleando

Greetings from Patri, Michel, Manuela and Carmen

We heard each other on the podcast!

Deleando por el Mundo Podcast

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