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The DELE exam is the most internationally recognized Spanish language certification.
Surely if you are learning Spanish or have been studying for some time, you want to know your level of Spanish. One of the most common ways to do this is by taking one of the DELE exams offered by the Instituto Cervantes.

You don’t know what the DELE or the Cervantes Institute is?

Keep reading the article and I will solve all your doubts about the DELE exam 2022, exam dates, levels, prices and also the offer what carmEle Español Online to prepare them.



What is the Instituto Cervantes?

The Instituto Cervantes is a globally recognized non-profit organization created in 1991 by the Spanish government. Its purpose is to promote the study and learning of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures throughout the world. They organize different cultural activities and courses to fulfill this purpose, they also prepare and organize DELE exams all over the world. DELE exam titles are endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

Surely you have a Cervantes Institute in your country, since they are present in 43 countries spread over 5 continents. You can click here and find the nearest

What is the DELE exam?

The Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language, known as DELE, are official diplomas that assess your level of Spanish. There is a DELE exam for each level of Spanish, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2, and there is also a modality for children at school. Level A1 corresponds to the most basic level of knowledge of Spanish and C2 is the highest level.

The levels are established according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​. A documnt that has standardized language education in the European Union.

Niveles examen DELE CarmEle Español Online

In the DELE exam, different tests are carried out: reading, written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression. It is an exam that guarantees mastery of Spanish at a certain level. For this reason, it is important that before registering for the DELE exam, you know your level well. If you fail the C2 exam, you will not be certified at any lower level.

Another interesting point is that the DELE diploma obtained does not expire and is accepted and recognized throughout the world.

DELE  is not the only way to accredit your Spanish Knowledge. I advise you to enter here and find out about the Siele (International Service for the Assessment of the Spanish Language) where the Instituto Cervantes also intervenes

Who can take the DELE exam?

It can be done by anyone who needs an official Spanish accreditation, even people whose mother tongue is Spanish but need such accreditation.

The main reasons for needing this accreditation are for work and / or academic issues. DELE certifications are highly valued and required by certain public and private entities.

The DELE exams are aimed at literate people over 16 years of age, although if you are a minor you can take the school DELE exams.

Candidates who have any special needs (temporary or permanent) such as:

  • Reduced, partial or total vision
  • Reduced, partial or total hearing capacity.
  • Reduced mobility
  • Learning disability (dyslexia or degraph)
  • Candidates who are in closed centers or prisons

They should contact the center in which they have registered, informing that they are going to take the exam in that center and their special needs. In a maximum of 48 hours.

The Instituto Cervantes will assess the measures and will be in charge of approving or denying the request. The exam center will notify the candidate.

New DELE 2023 exam dates

These are the DELE exam dates in 2023 

Fechas examen DELE 2023

How do I register for the DELE test?

There are two ways to register for the exam: online from the Instituto Cervantes portal or at the center where you want to take the exam. Do not forget to highlight the date of the call and the level of the exam you will take.

The documentation that you must submit are:

  • Your personal information,
    an email (it is very important since it will be the means of communication with you for any incident and to know your qualifications)
  • If the person presenting is an underage, it will be need the legal tutor consent,
  • Also, if you do it in the center itself, you will need to bring an original and a photocopy of your identity documentation
  • The documentation of payment of registration to the exam

You can download the forms on this page of the Instituto Cervantes.

How much does the DELE exam cost?

At this point you will be wondering the price of the DELE exam. The registration fee for the exam depends on the level and also on the country where you are going to take it. You can check the price at the time of registration.

As a guide I can tell you that in Europe the DELE A2 have an approximate price of about 130 euros, the DELE B2 between 150-180 euros and the DELE C1 is 160-180 euros.

However, this approximation could change in any time, so please, confirm the actual price.


How to prepare the exam?

As I have commented before, knowing the level you really have is critical. Once the level is chosen, the exam will test your mastery at that level. It means, if you have the required skill levels in the different topics.

My advice the first thing to need to do is make sure that you have the appropriate level. The Instituto Cervantes has an online test that you can take from here

In addition to knowing your level, it is important to know the DELE exam. Knowing how the exam is, its parts, times and requirements will undoubtedly make you more confident when taking the exam and will improve your chances of passing it.

spanish teacher Carmele

Prepare the DELE exam with carmEle Spanish Online

I am a Spanish teacher and examiner for all levels of DELE exams. I have experience preparing exams and also as an examiner, so I can give you some tips to overcome that moment.

Also, if you have not yet registered for the exam, I will give you a level test to see if you are ready and I will advise you on the most appropriate level for you.

We will prepare the exam with suitable materials created specifically for passing the different tests. These materials are fully up-to-date

I have created two modalities so that you can prepare for the DELE exam;

  • an individual and
  • another group with group and individual sessions.


You choose the modality with which you are most comfortable.

You have all the information on this page


With the preparation of the DELE exam you will have:

  • Feel confidence when doing it, since you will know the form and procedure of the exam.
  • Practice the different skills and focus on the one you need the most
  • Improve your vocabulary and idiomatic expressions related to each topic on the exam

If you want I can help you in the registration process.


Testimonio Dele B2 Carmele Español Online
Testimonio DELE B1 Carmele Español Online
Testimonio DELE AYMAN CarmEle Español Online

Now is your turn

You just have to book your DELE exam preparation classes with me.

I wait for you!

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To know more about DELE

If you want to have more information about the exams, you can continue reading the articles I have published on the blog, and also follow me on the DELEANDO POR EL MUNDO podcast. A podcast for students who want to prepare for the Instituto Cervantes DELE Spanish exams

DELE exam 2023

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