Club de Conversación

What is a Conversation Club?

In the club you will attend a meeting weekly with people of your same level. You will be able to practice your Spanish through debate and dealing with current issues.

How does the Spanish Club work?

We want you to practice actively in these meetings, so:

  • The groups will be formed by up to 4 people of the same level
  • We will work on materials to stimulate conversation: Audios, videos, texts, questionnaires …

If it helps us to speak up, it’s welcome!


What is included?

  • One weekly class.
  • Materials for conversation
  • Summary report with recommendations and clarifications.
  • Native teachers

What do you need?

  • Internet connection
  • Skype
  • Make the reservation and make the payment
  • Willing to participate and learn

How much does the Conversation Club cost?

To participate in the club you only need to make the reservation and the monthly payment through the platform we choose. After payment you will receive by mail all the necessary information, material and schedule to be able to connect and speak in Spanish!

When we will meet

Here are the days and hours of the groups. If you are interested in another schedule you can ask me.

Time zone Madrid (Spain)
You can see your schedule by clicking here

* Holidays will be made up or offset with the 5 week months.

Club de Conversación carmEle Español Online

How do I sign up?

You can send me an email to or use the form. You will receive an email with the reservation confirmation and a request for payment.

Improve your Spanish skills

If you want to participate but the remaining options doesn’t meet with your needs, contact us and we will find out a solution. ; )

Convesation Carmele Español Club

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