The best way to learn Spanish at home, at your own pace with a native teacher

How do Online Spanish Classes work?


Clases personalizadas y adaptadas a tus necesidades, aprenderás a tu ritmo y ajustándonos a tus objetivos

Classes can be adapted to your needs and objectives so that you can learn at your own pace


Solo necesitas una conexión a internet, un ordenador con cámara y ¡muchas ganas de aprender y divertirte!

All you need is an internet connection, a camera computer and a lot of desire to learn and have fun!


Los cursos incluyen: materiales, ejercicios de refuerzo y correcciones.

The courses include: materials, revision exercises and corrections.

Do you want to learn Spanish with carmEle?

I teach people from all over the world and of different levels.

In the classes we pay attention to improving communications and developing all skills. So working with me you will get:

Feel more confident speaking Spanish

Improve your pronunciation

Lear to cope in real personal and work situations

Be prepared for exams university, DELE and Or Siele



carmEle's students comment

"Carmen not only cared, she was (and is) personable, focused, and always extremely well-prepared. If we start a lesson and I am not prepared, she seamlessly switches to other materials. If we have a plan for the day, and I suddenly change it, she easily adapts. And now that I am being asked by my local teacher in Spain to make a leap, she has bought the book I use from the other class and is teaching from it.

I have also referred several other friends and colleagues to her (some very picky and difficult people), and all have, and continue to be, very happy with her. I have had many teachers in many different disciplines over the course of my life, countless Spanish teachers among them. I would say that perhaps five teachers have ever made a significant, positive impact on my life over the past 45 years. I count Carmen among those five.
I cannot say enough about what an exceptional teacher she is, and I heartily recommend her to anyone looking to advance in any and every level of the Spanish language."
Jason B.
B2 y C1
"Realmente disfruto mucho las clases con Carmen. Ella es muy profesional pero, también, es simpática, paciente y siempre es puntual y está bien preparada. Las lecciones son interesantes con mucha variedad de ejercicios. Me gusta mucho la forma en que se adaptan específicamente a mí para mejorar mi español.
Carmen se asegura que la tarea sea apropiada y siempre refuerza la lección.
He tenido muchos profesores diferentes y Carmen es uno de los mejores."
Wendy Smith
I live in the UK and have been learning Spanish at an adult education centre for a while now. I felt I had hit a brick wall with the classes because although my written Spanish was quite good and I can read relatively well for my level, I had very little confidence when speaking or listening to the language. My friend had been speaking to Carmen for some time and suggested that I join the weekly calls to help build my confidence. I am so glad that he did! I really enjoy the calls with Carmen which are fun and the topics are perfect for my level. I definitely feel more confident with both listening and speaking Spanish now. I think speaking to a native Spanish speaker is the best way to learn to speak the language. I would highly recommend Carmen as a tutor because she is fun and a really good teacher. Before the class, you receive an email with information to enable you time to prepare. During the lesson, Carmen allows you plenty of time to answer a question, but if you are struggling, she will prompt you which is very helpful. The calls with Carmen are very different to the lessons I have in the UK and I find they work well alongside each other.
Grupo de Conversación A2
I have been studying Spanish for three years with Carmen. I enjoy the lessons which cover not only the basic elements of the language and vocabulary but also the culture and history of Spain and the Spanish speaking world. The lessons are structured, interesting and well prepared and include a lot of conversational elements and exercises to improve pronunciation and comprehension.

On a recent visit to Spain I found that I was able to understand and communicate well. I felt very pleased that when I spoke Spanish the people to whom I was speaking knew what I was saying and, just as importantly, I could understand their responses.

I find that Carmen is extremely easy to get on with and I like the way she takes time to give encouragement to keep going when you are feel that you have reached a plateau in the learning process.

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